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For each pre-registration milestone we meet, players will receive the following rewards when the game goes live!

Gold ×50,000

Starlight Prayer
Stone ×5

Anniversary Avatar
Frame; Dragon
Crystal ×400

Starlight Prayer
Stone ×10


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Share this page every day or invite friends to pre-register for the game, and you can earn giveaway draws. The prizes include $400 USD Amazon Gift Cards, $50 Google Gift Cards, in-game items, and more! You are guaranteed to get a prize every time. When you have drawn 10/15/25 times, you will receive a surprise gift!



Event Rules

  • Gold*30,000

  • Gold*50,000

  • Dragon Crystal*100

  • Google Gift Card $50*1

  • Starlight Prayer Stone*5

  • Starlight Prayer Stone*2

  • Dragon Crystal*200

  • Amazon Gift Card $400*1